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Escondido Specialty Coffee

Oculto - Medium Dark Roast

Oculto - Medium Dark Roast

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Whole Bean Coffee - Ground upon request

Meet "Oculto", our distinguished medium/dark roast that captures the alluring mystery and depth of the Salvadoran twilight. Hand-harvested in the rich soils of our finca, Oculto is a masterful blend that tells a story of deep traditions and the profound essence of our Central American roots. As the beans undergo a meticulous dark roasting process, they unveil a robust, full-bodied café that is as bold as it is complex.

Oculto is an exploration of flavors - rich cocoa, smoky caramel, and a touch of spiced fruit, creating a cup that is both captivating and comforting. Each sip is a testament to the grandeur of our Salvadoran landscape under the setting sun, the misterio oculto of the day's end.

Immerse yourself in the intimate, rich tones of the Salvadoran night with every invigorating sip of Oculto.

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