Discover the Rich World of Specialty Coffee from Latin America

Every cup is a testament to our heritage and a commitment to provide the highest quality at every step of your journey with us. Discover a symphony of specialty coffee flavors and aromas from family-owned fincas nestled in the verdant hills of Latin America. Elevate your coffee experience with Escondido.

Explore the Authentic Flavors of Latin American Coffee


Embark on a journey through the aromatic campos of Costa Rica with every sip of Paraiso.

La Brisa

Experience the vibrancy and sabor of Colombian traditions with every aromatic cup of La Brisa.


Immerse yourself in the intimate, rich air of El Salvador with every invigorating sip of Oculto.

Crafting Premium Coffee Blends from Family-Owned Fincas

At Escondido Specialty Coffee, our family-owned roastery is dedicated to uncovering the hidden beauty in every cup of coffee. Our offerings are more than just another coffee, they are a tribute to our rich culture and heritage in agriculture, and a celebration of the vibrant culture where these beans come from. Through sustainable sourcing and ethical trade practices, we secure the highest grade beans from remote regions, preserving their unique flavors.

We cherish authentic connections, fostering a deeper appreciation of coffee's rich heritage. We invite you to bring Escondido along your day to share in cherished moments and meaningful gatherings!

Discover the Rich Diversity of Specialty Coffee

Join our community of coffee enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and all those in between, who are united by their appreciation for coffee. Let's embrace and savor the culture, while celebrating the roots together - one exceptional cup of specialty coffee at a time.

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The Farm-to-Cup Journey of Our Beans

At Escondido Specialty Coffee, our roots are deeply intertwined with the rich coffee-growing traditions of Latin America. With our very own coffee bean farm in El Salvador.

We also proudly partner with family-owned farms in Colombia and Costa Rica, sourcing the finest beans from some off the finest coffee-producing regions in the world.

From our roastery in Miami, our beans travel with care and are delivered fresh and ready to brew. Each cup of a Escondido Specialty Coffee blend is a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into every step of the farm-to-cup journey.

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