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Escondido Specialty Coffee

Finca San Jose - Ataco, El Salvador

Finca San Jose - Ataco, El Salvador

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We are offering 69kg bags of green coffee from our own Finca San Jose located between 1,400 - 1,600 MASL in Ataco, El Salvador.

Pricing listed on this product is at $4.00/lbs for 69kg (152lbs) per bag.

Pricing is negotiable, please reach out to us at

  • Varietal: Borbon, Marsella, San Pacho
  • Processing: semi washed
  • Harvest: 2023/2024
  • Position: Spot, Jacksonville 
  • Bags: 69kg, grainpro
  • SCA: 85.11+ ​

Flavors: delicate acidity, good body, chocolate, nuts, orange, brown sugar, caramel, well balanced

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