• La Brisa

    Experience the vibrancy andsaborofColombiantraditions in every cup of La Brisa.

  • Paraiso

    Embark on a journey through the aromaticfincasofCosta Ricawith every enriching sip of Paraiso.

  • Oculto

    Immerse yourself in the intimate, rich tones ofEl Salvador, found in everytazaof Oculto.

  • Espresso Reserve Blend

    Dark roasted espresso offering with notes of bittersweet cacao and toffee.

Why Choose Escondido for your Wholesale Coffee Partner?

At Escondido, we offer more than just coffee. We are the epitome of excellence, boasting rich aromas, incredible tastes, and a flavor profile that stands out in every cup. Choose us for your wholesale needs because:

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Profesionalism & Reliability

We prioritize serious inquiries and pride ourselves on being up-to-date with response times and delivery dates.

Direct Sourcing

Beans straight from our family-owned fincas for the most authentic coffee experience.

Expert Roasting

Crafted with precision for optimal flavor. Our experience makes the difference.

Unique Flavor Profiles

Different accents for a diverse coffee journey.

Create Your Own Custom Blend

Get a personalized coffee blend that reflects your distinct taste and style. Stand out from the crowd with a custom blend to suit your specific tastes and preferences.

We conduct in-depth research and development to create custom flavors that align perfectly with your vision.

Benefit from the expertise of our certified Q Grader, who will work closely with you to develop a blend that meets your exact specifications.

Private Label Coffee Services

Build your brand with Escondido's private label services. Showcase your unique identity with our premium coffee. From packaging to labeling, we offer a customizable experience to make your brand stand out. Elevate your business with Escondido.

Design Services for Custom Packaging

Embarking on a private label journey with Escondido means we've got more than just your coffee covered. Need help designing the packaging too? Rest easy, we've got that covered as well!

Our comprehensive design services ensure that every aspect of your brand, from the beans to the packaging, is expertly crafted. Partner with us, and let Escondido take care of your coffee business journey, start to finish!

Get in touch with us and become a partner.