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Escondido Specialty Coffee

La Brisa - Medium Roast

La Brisa - Medium Roast

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Whole Bean Coffee - Ground upon request

Introducing "La Brisa", our exquisite medium roast that truly embodies the gentle whisper of a Colombian morning breeze. With beans sourced directly from the finca, La Brisa carries the gentle notes of tropical fruit and honey, with a delicate citrus undertone that dances on your palate.

Hand-harvested and sun-dried, every bean is roasted with mucho amor, to a perfect hue that retains its original character while revealing an array of enticing flavors. The medium roast allows the distinct traits of the South American terroir to shine, crafting a coffee that is as vibrant, lively, and complex. The first sip of La Brisa will transport you to the lush landscapes of Colombia, offering a coffee experience that's as refreshing as a gentle, cool "brisa".

Experience the vibrant sabor of South America with every aromatic cup of La Brisa.

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